Bilo EP was the start of something beautiful. 2021 marks ten years since the release of the first Bilo release and an end to the Bilo Saga that will come with the release of BILO IV in 2022. Therefore I've come up with a roadmap, a place where people can come and follow the events and announcements surrounding all BILO-related things that I have planned for 2021 & 2022. It's also a fun way for me to visualize the progress and connect with my fans,


Each step will be followed with a video announcement on my YouTube channel and a live Hangout session through my Discord Server.


Speaking of which [Discord], somewhere on this page there is a "secret" link to my Discord server where I will be giving up more detailed updates on the progress and where we'll discuss all the beautiful music and non-music related things. There's no paywall set in place, no tiers, and you're welcome to come and leave as you please.


Welcome to the Bilo Roadmap. I'm excited to take this journey with you and find out where it'll take us.

*The roadmap is subject to change, steps and details will be added as we go so make sure to drop by from time to time

or get the updates through my Social Media and Discord.

Phase #1

  <-we are here

Phase #2

Phase #3